Getting There/Contact


Complete travel information is avaialble on the VCCA France page here.

Pickup Information

VCCA France staff can arrange to pick up Fellows (with advance notice) from the Toulouse airport or from the train stations in Agen or in Valence d’Agen. Contact Resident Director Cheryl Fortier to make arrangements.

Fees for travel inside the hours of 6:30am – 10:00pm:

  • Toulouse airport or train station: 75€ /trip
  • Montauban train station: 45€ /trip
  • Agen train station: 35€ /trip
  • Valence d’Agen train station: free


Add 30€ for travel before 6:30 am, after 10 pm and on weekends:

  • Toulouse airport or train station: 105€ /trip
  • Montauban train station: 75€ /trip
  • Agen train station: 65€ /trip
  • Valence d’Agen train station: 30€ /trip


By Rail

The French train system can be daunting to newcomers. Luckily there is a fantastic web site in English which explains it all in simple but complete detail:


By Air

The closest international airport to Auvillar is Toulouse.


By Car

These times and tolls are approximate:

  • Paris to Auvillar – 7-8 hours, tolls 40-60€ depending on route
  • Nice to Auvillar – 6.5 hours, tolls 56€, or 8.5 hours, tolls 40€
  • Barcelona to Auvillar – 5 hours, tolls 44€ or 5.8 hours, tolls 29€ via Andorra
  • TLS (also called Blagnac) airport – 50 minutes in non-rush hour times, tolls €8

For driving times from other locations: based on the famous Michelin yellow map series will give tolls, or google maps works pretty well here too.



A custom Google map with annotations and photos of Auvillar and nearby areas can be found here.


Cheryl Fortier, Resident Director