Sponsored Fellowships

Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Since 1991 the Cafritz Foundation has supported the residencies of nearly 150 artists, writers, and composers from the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Since 1996, the Dodge Foundation supported residential fellowships for 150 New Jersey artists, writers, and composers.

Recipients include: Ruth Lilian Ahntholz-Golian, Aaron Baker, Paul Blaney, Patricia Dahlman, Alice Elliot Dark, Debra Galant, Barbara Gordon, Kenneth Hart, Cori Jones, Suji Kwock Kim, Dionne Ford Kurtti, Wendy Lewis, Tiffany Ludwig, Father Paul Mayer, Jennifer Mazza, Michael Metzger, Clara E. Perry, Wanda S. Praisner, Pamela Redmond Satran, Amy Speace, Gerald Stern, Vilja Virks-Lee, Jason D. Watson and Sharon Dennis Wyeth

The Harry D. Forsyth Fellowship for Visual Arts

Established in 1999, the Forsyth Fellowship is a two-week residency awarded to a Sweet Briar College alumna who has demonstrated exceptional ability in the area of the visual arts.

Recipients include: MaryLea M. Harris and Brienna A. McLaughlin

Fund a Fellow

Established in 2004, this annual fellowship offers the opportunity for a donor to become the patron of a particular artist, recapturing the power of the ancient concept of patronage. A typical fellowship is a four week residency that may be renewed each year.

Recipients include: Rodney Evans, sponsored by Ralph and Jackie Bradley and James and Tanya Egan; Elilzabeth Rundorff, sponsored by Lynch and Melanie Christian and Carl Frischkorn and Rebecca Frischkorn. The 2007 Carole and Marcus Weinstein Fund a Fellow grant was awarded in fiscal year 2008 to Joshua Poteat. The 2007 Barbara and Mark Fried Fund a Fellow grant for an Israeli artist was awarded in fiscal year 2008 to composer Ariel Blumenthal.

The Heinz Endowments

Since 2003, this endowed fellowship has provided fully funded residencies for artists from southwest Pennsylvania.

Recipients include: Jane Bernstein, Peter Burr, Vicky A. Clark, Takehito Etani, Sherri Flick, Charlotte Glynn, Kate Joranson, Geeta Kothari, Carol Kumata, Mary M. Mazziotti, Eric Moe, Patricia Patterson, Renee Piechocki, Erin Pischke, Todd Scalise, Steve Stelling, Sandy Tseng, Lynn Wagner, Barbara Weissberger and Tessa Windt

Hurricane Fund

In 2005, the VCCA Fellows Council initiated this fund to support artists displaced by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Recipients include: Christine M. Murphy and Tom Piazza

Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation

Since 2003, through its Creative Fellowships Program, the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation provides an annual one-month Fellowship for an artist from the U.S. Virgin Islands and each of the mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia.

Recipients include: Jeff Algera, Cynthia Camlin, Deborah E. Creasy, Jeffrey N. Johnson, Katherine Kavanaugh, Kendra Kopelke, Irene McKinney, Erik Pedersen, Paul Reisler, Nancy Schoenberger, Ethel Morgan Smith and Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Montana Fellowship

Each year since 2005, VCCA awards fully funded one-month residencies for Montana visual artists, writers or composers funded by the LEAW Family Foundation of Missoula, Montana. 

Montana artists are encouraged to apply for residencies (valued at $5,400) as a means of concentrating exclusively on their creative work. Residencies include a private bedroom, studio and all meals in a community setting with 25 other artists from around the United States and many foreign countries. Admission is highly selective based on previous acheivement or promise of acheivement.

Recipients include: Katie Knight, Melissa Kwasny, Noellyn Pepos and Brandon Shimoda

The Richard S. Reynolds Foundation

Beginning in 2006 this Richmond, Virginia, family foundation has supported residencies for Virginia artists.

Residencies supported include: Elizabeth Denton, Thomas Doran, Suzanna Fields, Clifford Garstang, Jan Ince Glennie-Smith, Jack Glover, Susan Hankla, Eleanor Henderson, Phaedra Hise, Mary E. Holland, Mary Alice Hostetter, Royal S. Jones, Jessica Francis Kane, LuAnn Keener-Mikenas, Mark S. Lindensmith, Laura D. Long, Wendy L. Miles, Leslie Pietrzyk, David C. Poyer, Viginia Pye, Paul Reisler, Rachele Riley, Fiona Donaghey Ross, Lucy Sankey Russell, Alyssa C. Salomon, Julie Anne Seiler, R.T. Smith, Margo Solod, Michele Maria Surat, Chris Tanseer, Vivian Teter, Jack Wax, Priscilla Long Whitlock and Rob Womack

The J & E Berkley Foundation

Since 2000, the Berkley Foundation has supported residencies of Fellows from the greater Charlottesville region. Over the past decade, dozens of residencies have been supported including Christopher Tilghman, Mariflo Stevens, Patrick Cribben, Judith Shatin, Katherine McNamara and many others.

Sweet Briar College Fellow in Residence

Founded in 1997 and funded through the Sweet Briar College Bachelor of Fine Art Program, this fellowship provides a VCCA residency for writers, visual artists or composers who also have some teaching responsibilities at the College during their residencies.

Recipients include: Eric Chappelle, Jason Chimonides, Nathan Currier, Don R. Davis, Frank Hobb, Tom Piazza, Janet Sylvester and Sue Johnson

Virginia Commonwealth University Fellow

Facilitated by former VCCA Board member Joseph H. Seipel, this grant was initiated in 2005 to award a fellowship to a graduating MFA visual artist nominated by the VCU faculty.

Recipients: Theresa Pfar and Emily Hall 2006

Maryland Institute College of Art Fellow

Facilitated by VCCA Fellow and MICA faculty member, Katherine Kavanaugh, and MICA Dean Leslie King-Hammond, this grant was initiated in 2008 to award a fellowship to a graduating MFA visual artist nominated by the MICA faculty.

Recipients: Eileen Cubbage, Jessie Lehson,2008 Judy Stone, 2009